I've seen formations like this over the years, using antique keys or type press letters. Now that i think about it, Lindsay Zodrow has a wall of empty wooden thread spools on one wall of her store, Collected Thread. I love it! Wall installations like this one always remind me of those surreal times when you are outside and there are THOUSANDS of birds flying around. Their movements undulate in the sky, like a giant blanket suspended in mid air, composed of tiny, flitting, winged creatures. (If you saw the recent flick, Tree of Life, Mr. Malick portrayed this concept beautifully). Since the first time I saw a similar installation to this one years ago, I've wanted a wall in my house decorated in a like fashion. It's in my thought bank for when we buy a house.. We have too little wall space and control over the appearance of our interior to do anything like it now. I like the keys or type press idea, but now that Lynsie has me thinking about air plants... How cool would it be to have a wall full of those? Hmmmmm... This installation is nothing short of lovely.