Gifts for Nature Lovers


The holiday season is getting dangerously close, and I have been hard at work on small artworks for an upcoming event, the Deluxe Winter Market in downtown Oklahoma City.  This event will take place on November 28th and 29th (the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving) at Leadership Square (211 N Robinson).  Alongside artists with a variety of different media, I will have my fiber sculptures and wall hangings, knitted terrariums and holiday ornaments, knitted staghorn ferns, photo prints, and some winter accessories as well!

For those who do not reside in Oklahoma City or cannot make it to the event, never fear!  As I am finishing products, I am working on listing them in my Etsy shop, where many of them are available for purchase right this moment.  I hope you'll take a look and consider your loved one with an affinity for natural details, your mushroom forager, your wilderness wanderer, or even your horticulture enthusiast with a black thumb.  Hopefully I will see some of you at the event as well - be sure to say hi!  See below for a selection of the items that are already up in my shop.

mycena sculpture

Fiber sculptures on cork bark


orange mushroom terrarium

Knitted "terrariums" of different kinds also including mycena and amanita mushrooms, pixie cup lichen, witch's hair lichen and wolf lichen, among others.

false turkey tail wall hanging

Fiber sculptures on cork bark slabs have d-rings installed on the back side for ease of hanging.

mushroom ornament

Holiday ornaments incorporating mycena, orange mushrooms, pixie cup lichen, and amanita.


pom pom hat front

Hats and cowls are available in a variety of different colors