Greyhound Cowl Knitting Pattern

If you know anything about greyhounds, you know that they have very little body fat. They are also a sweet, quiet, calm, affectionate breed that will make your jaw drop with their warp speed sprints, but will also warm your heart as a loyal companion. I would recommend a greyhound to anyone as a pet/furry (but shedless) family member, but I digress. Back to the body fat issue.

In climates that actually experience winter, some additional layering is necessary for the hounds so they don't freeze their butts off. I believe that the general rule is: if you need your coat, your hound does too. And there are specialized services/shops that sell custom coats just for greyhounds! It's glorious! My Emma has a nice little red fleece number that keeps her body warm, but the past couple of weeks dipped in the temperature range, so I decided to make her a nice little neck warmer to give her a little more comfort when we go out. Leg warmers may be next, but I haven't decided how to go about that while still giving her the mobility she needs when running around. It's probably not even necessary. Anyhow, the cowl is working out great for the days when the wind chill is just too low. I thought I would share the pattern in case any other knitting greyhound lovers are out there that would like to try it.

For Emma, I made it a little big so it would scrunch up or cover more of her head and neck. I also did not want for it to be too tight. Lastly, the pattern features an opening so that the collar can stay underneath the cowl, but the leash can be hooked to it from the outside. Here is the pattern!:

Greyhound Cowl

Needles: US 11 double pointed needles Yarn: heavy worsted, approx. 200 yards max

Starting rib: CO 45 st K2, p2 to end of round. Repeat until piece measures 2". (it's ok to end with 1 k st so that there are 3 k st together. The rib does not have to be even)

Start increases: Row 1: kfb, k to end of round Row 2: k to end of round Row 3: k to end of round Row 4: k to end of round Repeat these 4 rows 2 more times

Make leash hole: Row 1: kfb, k halfway through round, yo 4 times, k to end of round Row 2: k to yarn overs, drop all yarn overs except for 1, k into remaining yo, k to end of round. Row 3: k to end of round Row 4: k to end of round

Continue increases: Follow pattern for increases 6 times.

Finishing Rib: K2, p2 to end of row Repeat until rib section measures 2" Bo all st

That's it! Good luck!