Fungi Textiles

I recently came across this lovely lady's blog and am in love with the current project she is working on. Christina Obuch is a textile designer in Ontario, and from what I can tell from her blog and Instagram page, I believe she assists with print making at the Bookhou shop, which I am also a fan of. Beautiful, simple and often nature inspired prints. I have a tea towel with conifer fruits on it that I keep meaning to frame.

Back to Ms. Obuch- her newest collection was inspired by the unusual textures of fungi and bacteria, and includes some ceramics and possibly some pouches.

Fungi is one of my favorite themes - there are so many different kinds that are very unique. When Jason and I were in the rain forest in Costa Rica, we fell way behind our tour group because we couldn't stop taking photos of and examining the wood decay fungi that was all over the place.

Looking at the photos of her design inspires me to pull some ideas of my own out of the queue. Check out Christina Obuch's collection sneak peek.