Off the Needles || Color Craving

Top - Athleta, Skirt - thrifted, Tights - Target, Shoes - Minnetonka, Shawl - Color Craving by Stephen West knitted with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine
Since Momentum Tulsa ended, I've been trying to knock out all of my pending projects so I can start anew once we move.  There are a couple I've started on that haven't even been shared in an On My Needles post.  Soon!
Despite falling about a month behind, I continued with Color Craving using the mystery KAL instructions (although if you're interesting in knitting this pattern it is now released in its entirety on Ravelry.  Color Craving was designed by the talented Stephen West, and this is the second shawl of his that I've made (the first was Daybreak).
I'm not sure if I got too hasty in trying to finish this up or if I got distracted by the sob-fest that was my Parenthood Season 4 marathon on Netflix a few weeks back... but my stitch count was waaayyyyyy off on clues 2, 3 and 4.  Because of my determination to get this dang thing finished, I decided that fewer repeats would not change the appearance of the piece that much beyond the size so I just winged it and did as many as I could before running out of stitches on the short rows.  I think it turned out fine and I'm happy with the size, so no harm done.  Isn't it nice when accidental modifications work out?
Being the Ultra Alpaca fan that I am, I used some jewel tones in the Fine gauge, and man is this shawl ever cozy.  The breeze was a little crisp when I was taking the photos, but my arms were nice and warm underneath the shawl.  The large end is wide enough that it makes a really great hood/head wrap (as you can see below... too far?)

On My Needles || Color Craving

 Leave it to me to join a knit-along, despite knowing full well that I have absolutely no time for ANOTHER new project.  Stephen West recently hosted another knit-along on Ravelry (did any of you join?), and as I've never done a mystery KAL, I just couldn't pass it up.  The pattern is Color Craving, which is now unveiled and available in its full disclosed version.... and I just started Clue #2.  I've avoided looking at the final pattern photos so I can still have my fun going off of the clues, but seriously guys... this is sad. As you know, I've been a little busy with other things though, so I hope you'll let it slide.
Mr. West never ceases to intrigue with his patterns.  The first few rows were a little odd to knit because I just kept thinking, "okay, where is he going with this?"  As the first section unfolded though, it was really interesting to see how it shaped up.  Since I have about 5 other things going at the same time, including fungi (yay!) and some Halloween socks (had to), and another cardigan that I'm excited to show you soon, just know that it could take a little while before I show you finished photos of this guy... but I'll enjoy my surprises all the way.

Off the Needles || Daybreak Shawl Part I

I cast off this shawl a few weeks ago, and then it took a couple of weeks to finally block it... and another couple of weeks to get photos of the finished product (post coming soon).  The pattern is Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West, and I used Knit Picks Chroma yarn in Bittersweet Heather and Orchard.  Only one skein of each was required, which made for an inexpensive but beautiful knit.  I fell in love with the colors as they laid out in the pattern and the medium size is just right for a nice scarf that won't fall off of your shoulders constantly like some of the other triangular shawls that I've made in the past.
One thing that I would do over if I could would be to purchase some blocking wires.  As you can see in the bottom photo I had pretty close spacing with my pins but the scalloped edge couldn't really be avoided.  I'll just have to say that it was on purpose.  :)  Photos of how it looks in wear are coming soon!

On My Needles || Daybreak Shawl

This pattern wasn't really on my radar until one of my Instagram friends posted about a knit-along set up by another Instagram and Ravelry user.  Instagram is one of my favorite smart phone applications, because it allows you to share a moment, something from your view, in a visual way.  It does not include the snark, negativity, controversy and triviality that I have experienced with Facebook.  I think oftentimes, our thoughts and experiences are best shared without words.  Instagram allows you to see these experiences through another person's perspective.  Additionally, there are some very beautiful images shared with interesting content and beautiful composition.  I'm definitely hooked on it, and if you would like to follow me my IG username is Bromeleighad, the same as my blog title.
Back to the knit-along, the person who set it up also created a Ravelry group entitled Instagram-Along-Ers, so we can also share our projects at that venue.  I have never participated in a Ravelry knit-along before, but I like this group because you also see people's photos of their progress on a day to day basis, rather than just the end product.  I have so many other projects going that I just made it into the second section of the shawl, but I can already tell that it is going to get a lot of wear!
The pattern is Daybreak by Stephen West.  I chose to make the medium size, and I am using Knit Picks Chroma fingering sock yarn, in the Bittersweet Heather and Orchard colorways.  The yarn is incredibly soft and the color changes are gorgeous, as you can see above.  I will definitely be using it again, possibly for socks next time.  Hopefully I can get this finished in the next few weeks to show you the finished product.