On My Needles || Daybreak Shawl

This pattern wasn't really on my radar until one of my Instagram friends posted about a knit-along set up by another Instagram and Ravelry user.  Instagram is one of my favorite smart phone applications, because it allows you to share a moment, something from your view, in a visual way.  It does not include the snark, negativity, controversy and triviality that I have experienced with Facebook.  I think oftentimes, our thoughts and experiences are best shared without words.  Instagram allows you to see these experiences through another person's perspective.  Additionally, there are some very beautiful images shared with interesting content and beautiful composition.  I'm definitely hooked on it, and if you would like to follow me my IG username is Bromeleighad, the same as my blog title.
Back to the knit-along, the person who set it up also created a Ravelry group entitled Instagram-Along-Ers, so we can also share our projects at that venue.  I have never participated in a Ravelry knit-along before, but I like this group because you also see people's photos of their progress on a day to day basis, rather than just the end product.  I have so many other projects going that I just made it into the second section of the shawl, but I can already tell that it is going to get a lot of wear!
The pattern is Daybreak by Stephen West.  I chose to make the medium size, and I am using Knit Picks Chroma fingering sock yarn, in the Bittersweet Heather and Orchard colorways.  The yarn is incredibly soft and the color changes are gorgeous, as you can see above.  I will definitely be using it again, possibly for socks next time.  Hopefully I can get this finished in the next few weeks to show you the finished product.