New Pattern || Exoskeleton

This pattern has been a long time coming, so to say I'm excited to finally release it is an understatement.   I experimented with elongated stitch a few years ago, which involves a series of drop stitches creating the unique oval texture you see in the body of the shawl.  The entire time I was knitting it I kept thinking of watching roly polys (or doodle bugs, everyone has their own name for them) in my back yard as a kid.  The crossing and length of the stitches in this pattern reminded me of their little shells, their exoskeletons.  Thus, the origin of the name, Exoskeleton.  While I chose the name based on an association with the stitch pattern, I think a shawl in itself is a sort of second skin, another layer of protection and warmth.

Thank you to my lovely friend Jenna for modeling for me, despite the fact that it took me over a year to put the photos to use.  Cheers to shawl season!

Free Pattern || Snowdrift

Snowdrift is a cozy, soft headband perfect for crisp spring mornings/evenings in addition to winter warmth.  Our winter here has been particularly harsh, and I have no doubts that another cold snap or two will hit.  I wanted a headband wide enough to fit over my big hair (I have a lot of hair) while still covering my ears and also making a statement.  Enter Snowdrift!
Love Knitting sent me some Mirasol Sulka for this pattern, which is a beautifully soft chunky merino/alpaca/silk blend.  It's a new yarn to me, but I'll definitely keep it in my arsenal - a portion of Mirasol's proceeds go toward education for the children of alpaca farmers in Peru.