Knitting Pattern || Urbanite Garland

It's amazing how fast a year can slip through your fingers.  Granted, this past year has been a whirlwind of accomplishments… sometimes other things just have to wait so you can make sure they're done exactly the way you want them done.  I designed this pattern a couple of summers ago, and my lovely friend modeled the garment for me last summer as I was preparing to release it… and then Momentum Tulsa happened.  It's been chaos ever since, until recently.  I'm very excited to show you this headband, the Urbanite Garland, which is now available both in my Ravelry store and on Etsy as a PDF download.
The original prototype for the design makes a regular appearance in my wardrobe, in particular on windy days or those when my hair is a little unruly but I don't want to wear it up.  A versatile piece, it fits into a lot of different styles and only takes a few hours to knit.  So if you're looking for a new summertime accessory, something to throw on after a day at the lake or on the way to dinner with friends after a long day at work, this is the perfect piece.

Free Pattern || Snowdrift

Snowdrift is a cozy, soft headband perfect for crisp spring mornings/evenings in addition to winter warmth.  Our winter here has been particularly harsh, and I have no doubts that another cold snap or two will hit.  I wanted a headband wide enough to fit over my big hair (I have a lot of hair) while still covering my ears and also making a statement.  Enter Snowdrift!
Love Knitting sent me some Mirasol Sulka for this pattern, which is a beautifully soft chunky merino/alpaca/silk blend.  It's a new yarn to me, but I'll definitely keep it in my arsenal - a portion of Mirasol's proceeds go toward education for the children of alpaca farmers in Peru.