Texture || Oak-Hickory Forest

One of the new features (or categories, anyway) that I have decided to introduce on my blog will cover textures or patterns from every day settings and objects. I am inspired by texture on a daily basis whether it's involving an art installation that I came across on the web, a tree that I am working around during the day, or the combination of urban textures that complement each other in a unique way.
I believe it would be over ambitious to say that this will be a weekly feature. At least for now, let's say it will show up when the mood strikes... Hopefully more often than not.
I decided to include Texture on my blog on my trip to the Ozark National Forest this past weekend. The other new features will include Hues and Light. While I may post on Light less often, I felt that it deserved its own category.
From here, I will leave you with the textures that stood out to me in the oak and hickory forest of northwestern Arkansas. Please let me know what you think about the new content, I'm always looking for ways to improve the blog.