Tree Prints

I've been a bit derailed lately with some kind of flu bug.  It's been 4 days and counting of feeling utterly miserable, so I'm hoping there will be a light at the end of the tunnel soon so I can start feeling like myself again.  Unfortunately, I haven't felt like doing much other than sleeping or plastering myself to the couch so alas, not much knit work has been done this past week. I just saw these wood block prints, however, which made me happy so I thought I would share.  This gentleman prints using cut pieces of trees found in his home state.  Since anything wood grain beckons to me (yes, even the cheesy wood paneling you used to see on station wagons in the 80's) of course I would think that these are great.

Via Fossil, Prints by Bryan Nash Gill

Check out Mr Gill's web site if you have a moment.  He has a new book out with these prints called Woodcut, but his sculpture and installation art is really outstanding as well.