Off the Needles || Ishbel Shawl

Admittedly, I finished this shawl WEEKS ago.  In fact, I've finished two more since then (hey there, Christmas knitting).  However, as I've moaned about before, I feel like an idiot running around with my camera and tripod in hand in public places taking self portraits.  Plus things have been really busy lately.  Seriously, it's a little pathetic.  Sooo... I got up early on Saturday morning and managed to find a nice secluded spot by an abandoned building on a street that no one seems to drive down that early in the day.  That sounds a little rapey, doesn't it?  Well, no one was there and the area surrounding the building was very open so I would have seen someone if they tried to sneak up on me.  In any case, I finally got some photos of my Ishbel, so now I can start wearing it!  Yes!  I should also note that it was about 45 degrees outside, but I felt that wearing it with a long sleeved shirt would look frumpy and would not complement the lace.  So there you go, I shot photos of myself in public wearing practically nothing on a super cold Saturday morning JUST FOR YOU!  I hope you enjoy them.  The Ishbel shawl is a design by Ysolda Teague.  Additional project details may be found on my Ishbel - On My Needles post.


On My Needles || Ishbel

This pattern moves unbelievably fast, and uses less than a skein of sock yarn.  I fell in love with this midnight blue shade of Sweet Fiber yarn's Super Sweet Sock in the Fountain colorway at Loops in Tulsa.  My intention was to pick up some Malabrigo sock yarn for the project, but this skein really stood out to me and I'm glad that I decided to use it.  (The leftovers will look great in my Bee Keeper's Quilt as well).

Ishbel is a shawl pattern by Ysolda Teague, with a nice scalloped or actually, rather pointy edging.  It went so fast I actually finished it several days ago, but I will have to order some blocking mats before I can show the finished product which might take a little while.  I'm excited to get it steamed out so I can see the lace pattern better... until then I guess I'll just have to further enjoy that dreamy color for a while.

I've also been working on some other sculptural projects, one of which you can catch a glimpse of below.  This is definitely a trial and error process, but I've learned to be patient with it because I want a high quality end result.  Hopefully you'll see more on this soon!