Off the Needles || Toulouse

I'm trying to get caught up on knitwear, so hopefully I'll have a few more posts in the next few weeks.  On a side note, purchases in my Society 6 shop currently have free shipping, through Sunday the 11th!  If you've been coveting one of those tote bags, now is a good time to go for it!  And now to the project...
For me and this Leah Thibault pattern… well, it was love at first sight.  Knit Scene debuted their Winter 2012 collection and as soon as I spotted this design I knew I had to make it.  I had to add it to my closet.  The bow adds a romantic, vintage inspired detail that does not adorn anything that I own as of yet… but it definitely appealed to me.  I mentioned all of this in my progress post about the garment.  Just like I mentioned the yarn that my mom passed over from her magnificent stash.  Cascade Alpaca Lana D'Oro.  It's so soft and cozy, I may have to purchase more for a future project.
To be honest, I cast off on this project over a month ago, but blocking and photo shoots fell to the bottom of my to do list, what with Succession and Niche both in progress this spring.  Now that they're done, perhaps that Lanesplitter will make an appearance next…
Back to the pattern - it really was a simple knit.  Stockinette, no seaming, simple details.  I didn't need to make any alterations, so I don't really have all too much to say about it - the fit turned out to be perfect!  I like the layered style with the other blouse, but it would look great on its own with a pair of jeans too.  How would you wear it?

layered top - Loft; wool skirt - thrifted; tights - Target; shoes - Kohl's

On My Needles || Toulouse

The moment I spotted Toulouse by Leah Thibault in Knit Scene last year, I knew that I HAD to make one.  Maybe it's because I had a mean case of hat envy (seriously, I love floppy hats but hats just tend to look terrible on me), but I think it had more to do with the beautiful reminiscence of vintage blouses incorporated through the neckline tie.  The tie is what did it - the tie.  I can't believe I went all this time without expediting this project to the top of my queue, but here we are and maybe it's a good thing... the anticipation has just made it that much sweeter.
One thing I should point out is how vibrant, yet earthy and neutral the yarn color is.  I'm lucky enough to have a mom who is even more into knitting than I am - I'm a fledgling in comparison, as she's been a serious knitter since her teens.  Anyway, one of the really cool parts about having a mom who knits is her exuberant yarn stash... and the opportunity to every once in a while take some of it off of her hands.  Such was the case with this yarn - some supremely soft Cascade Alpaca Lana D'Oro.  Thanks, Mom!
I was about halfway done with the body when I took these photos the other day, but at this present moment I'm working on the bottom ribbing section and may even get to move on to the sleeves tonight!  More top-down, seamless, easy stockinette knitting.  The project has gone really quickly and considering how long I've waited on making it, that's a great thing!  You'll likely see an Off the Needles post for this baby soon.
Also on the finishing list is Cardoon, which has but one sleeve left to be seamed and set in.  And maybe one day I'll get to unpack all of my studio boxes, find my Lanesplitter skirt and a strip of elastic and get that one out of the black hole that is my unfinished objects list too.  Another day...