Artwork at 108 Contemporary in Tulsa

I am really excited to announce that I now have artwork available for purchase in the gift shop of 108 Contemporary, a gallery in the Brady Arts District of Tulsa, along the perimeter of Guthrie Green.  Some of my individual knitted mushrooms and photo prints of installations are available.  In addition, a couple of small sculptures (pictured above) are in the shop as well.  These are of a concept that I have wanted to develop for quite some time, and I'm really excited about how they turned out.
All of these items are available to gallery visitors, but a couple of my items (namely the above sculptures) are also online for all of you non-Oklahomans!  (Click on my name - Leigh Martin - in the list at the top and it will take you to my section).  Thanks for checking it out and be on the lookout for more one-of-a-kind sculptures as I continue to work on them.


Stitches for Pixels

The Art of Bits: Bits of Art show opened yesterday, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with Istvan Gallery.  It's a beautiful, interesting space that connects to the Blue Sage glass studio with a lovely courtyard in the back.  From a Mortal Kombat tournament to character themed drinks and a DJ sampling from classic games, the event was a blast through and through.
My piece for this classic video game themed show is an homage to the iconic toadstool of the early Nintendo Mario Brothers games.  I knitted this piece with US 19 knitting needles and five strands of yarn held together, so the stitch pattern in the colorwork is very apparent.  It reminded me of the highly pixelated images of the early Mario games, which is how I arrived at the title.
I must admit that I've lost most of my interest in gaming, but put me in front of a Sega Genesis with Toejam and Earl and I won't complain.  Those early games hold just enough nostalgia that I won't let go.  I can't quit you, nerd herd and 80's/early 90's exclamations in the elevator.  Crazy dentist and level 0, you'll always hold a special place in my heart.  Finally, toadstool of Mario, do I even need to express the extent of my love?
If you are local to Oklahoma and have interest in purchasing Stitches for Pixels, you may contact the gallery directly or feel free to inquire with me at bromeleighad(at)gmail(dot)com.
Here is an earlier post with a couple of additional photos of the piece.