I Love October

October is by far my favorite month of the year.  Aside from our wedding anniversary, the month has just always brought refreshment and comfort to me for as long as I can remember.  Maybe it's because of how much I dislike the heat of summer.  Maybe it's because everything becomes so vibrantly colorful... Or maybe it's just that change has come about.. we need that every once in a while, you know?  J and I went to a pumpkin farm this past weekend to harvest a few of these little guys for our porch.  Disregard the windswept hair.  On another note, my tights are actually mustard colored - no, I did not go to the pumpkin patch to be all matchy-matchy.  It was fun to get a little bundled up on a chilly morning and do festive things, however.
Another exciting event will occur this fall-- we are purchasing our first home!  I will wait to post any photos until after the closing date, which is in late November.  All I will say for now is that it's in town and on a lot that's over half an acre, so I see a lot of tree planting, garden building, fire pit making, and beekeeping in my future!
Happy Fall, friends.  What do you love most about this time of year?