Momentum Spotlight Video

Momentum Tulsa opens a week from tomorrow.  I'm going to Tulsa this weekend to begin putting my installation together (the most exciting part!).  Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and Invisible Arts put together this great preview video on the Spotlight artists for this year's Momentum Tulsa exhibition.  It overviews my project, as well as the other two Spotlight Artists and the work they are creating for the show.  After watching this, I'm even more excited about seeing their projects in completion than I was already!  Check it out..

Sneak Peek || Decomposition: Stacks

This past weekend I had the opportunity to execute the next phase of my Decomposition series, entitled "Stacks".  This phase surrounded the textures of a type of fungi that I see quite frequently on trees in the landscape, typically younger trees or those with thin bark.  Called "split gill fungus", this type colonizes trees that are stressed, either through poor planting practices, inefficient watering, and previous wounding and sun scald.  I am always mesmerized by how split gill fungus looks, and am very excited to include it in my fiber art series.

I used a Japanese maple in my parents' back yard in Tulsa for the setting, which turned out beautifully with the deep red leaves and bright, sunny day.  It added some lovely contrast to the white replicas.

In addition to the photos, I have decided to venture into a new media to provide you with glimpses into my work... video!  My husband was gracious enough to film part of the process for me using the Super 8 app on my iPhone.  I am most excited about it, because this is my first video editing experience ever!

Guys, I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but even though we've had our iMac for the greater part of a year, I still hardly know how to use it.  I FINALLY figured out how to use Command + click to replace the PC right-clicking function, and that was because a friend told me.  So know that it's a BIG DEAL that I just taught myself how to use iMovie in one evening.  A really big deal.  I had a lot of fun with it and am looking forward to making more of these... what kinds of videos would you like to see here on the Bromeleighad blog?

Without further ado, here is a behind the scenes glimpse at the most recent phase of Decomposition.  Check back in a week to see photos of the final product, Decomposition: Stacks!

Sneak Peek - Stacks from Leigh Martin on Vimeo.