Mushroom (The Journal of Wild Mushrooming) Feature

A few days ago I was excited to return from vacation to find the latest issue of Mushroom: The Journal of Wild Mushrooming in our stack of mail from the week.  Inside was a nice little feature on my 52 Forms of Fungi project!  (speaking of which, I will have a new post for the series up next week!)


 Thank you very much to Leon and the folks at Mushroom The Journal for sharing my work - it's very exciting to see in print!  I'm glad to have been made aware of this publication with its abundance of great information and interesting articles about fungi.  Interested in subscribing?  You can learn how, here!
If you found my blog through the article, welcome and thank you for following along.  Happy mushrooming!

Knit Hacker

This morning I woke up to the pleasant surprise of having my fiber series "Decomposition" posted on the Knit Hacker blog.  It's exciting and humbling to see people picking up on my work and I am immersed in gratitude for this kind of support - the support of my readers, friends, and family.  I am grateful for the abundant visions that bounce around in my head and the ability to act on them.  Do what you feel you are meant to do, friends, and you will be content.