Hello, and welcome to my new web site!  After a few years of having a blog on one service and linking to my portfolio and shop from other hosts, I buckled down this summer and consolidated everything onto one domain.  I hope you'll have a look around the site and see more about my vision, past work, and everything that has connected in making BromeLeighad what it has become here and now. Since I'm done importing old blog posts and teaching myself how to use Wordpress (phew), I'm hoping to get back on a regular posting schedule with some old projects finishing up and some new ones just beginning!  For now my old site and shop will remain live, but in the future I do plan to shut them down and assign the Bromeleighad.com domain to the new blog for those who have bookmarked it before.  If you would like to update your RSS subscription or bookmarks, please use http://www.leighmartinart.com/blog.  I will be sure to let you know once the other site has been taken down, but in the meantime I will continue to post in both places.

Along with this launch, I've posted a whole new collection of work in my new shop, so be sure to have a look!  Thanks for stopping by.