Here we are, a month into the New Year and I've been resisting the pull to write a compelling "end of year" or "beginning of year" post, inevitably putting it off until, well, February.  My inner voice just keeps quieting the noise and telling me to take my time.

2014 was a year like no other.  It was full of direction and realization.  At times it moved too fast and other times slowed way down.  It allowed me to dream, create, and bring plans to fruition.  It allowed me to grow and nurture a space, raising my own wild and learning to care and create habitat for creatures far more complex than I ever dreamed.  I formed ideas that still need a path to be realized along.  I expanded my knowledge and became equipped to pursue another, parallel path.  I experienced love and heartache with my family, and stillness.

As I identify my ambitions for the coming year, one word seems to form on my lips over and over... Intention.  Setting an intention for every day or every action guides a more present existence.  I vow to exist more in the moment, taking time to nurture what needs to be nurtured.  Through this, all other aspects are affected in a positive light.

So now I will begin to resurface, find my footing and use my voice.  I hope this New Year finds you well and seeking your own truths.