Feeds I Love || #1

As you may know, Instagram is probably my favorite social media tool.  Sharing your life in a visual way and gaining a peek into others' perspectives is inspiring, fascinating, and beautiful a lot of the time. It has a much more positive vibe than others where people just go to air their complaints or push political agendas, as well.  I've met some very interesting people and discovered a number of favorite artists and makers through this network, and I thought I would share a few of my favorite feeds here and there.  Here is the first  group! From top left:  michelle_morin  ||  lilystockman  ||  ffrench  ||  heatherbuchanan


I've become enamored with Michelle and Heather's paintings and love following their progress.  Lily's aesthetic really stands out, and we share a common love of desert landscapes.  Cait French is a fiber artist who forages for her own dye material in Vancouver.  She has a book coming out later this year!