Happy New Year, my dear blog readers!  I hope your holidays were spent with people whom you love with reckless abandon-- joyful, comforting and rejuvenating for a new start.  After a particularly strenuous summer and fall, I found myself in need of a disconnect for a short time.  Large project commitments, buying a home and moving just before the holidays got here were a little overwhelming. You know how sometimes you have to take a step back, regroup, and allow yourself to feel ready and refreshed before taking the plunge back into your normal work and routine?  That was December for me.
Our home is slowly coming together and I've been getting inspired to start creating again (more like itching to create SOMETHING - just a month off is still too long!)  I plan to rouse the 52 Forms of Fungi project this week and get back on a regular posting schedule.  If you've been checking back every so often, thank you!  Know that this is the beginning of a new year of active blogging.  One good aspect of the hiatus was that I had a little downtime to start whittling down my list of knitwear WIPs.  I'm excited to write some Off the Needles posts and cast on some fresh new pieces!  Happy January and I'll see you next week!
The above photo was from the ice storm we had during December.  Just enough to glisten on the trees without much damage!  It was beautiful.