On My Needles || Ines

It feels like an eternity since the last On My Needles post, but to be honest there just hasn't been much time for any "just for fun" garment knitting this summer.  I picked up the Manos del Uruguay Design Team's Serena - Collection 1 booklet at my local yarn store a few years back, around the time that I was drooling over a lot of knits but not really making many of them.  The top on the cover, Ines, has been on my wish list since that time - there are several eye catching knits in the booklet, but this one grabbed my attention as soon as I glanced at it and was pretty much my reason for the purchase.
In looking for a summery piece of knitwear, I decided to seize the opportunity and cast this one on.  The thing is, however, that Oklahoma summers are ridiculously hot.  The yarn this pattern calls for is mostly alpaca, and that just wouldn't do at all.  While alpaca is one of my favorite fibers to work with it's just not suitable for a short sleeved top in the Lower Midwest.  I decided to go with Knit Picks Swish worsted, in Macaw, an EXTREMELY summery color, in all its glory.  It reminds me of cool grass.  Cool grass distracts me from gross, humid heat.  As does the cotton/Modal fiber it's made of - oh, beautiful, breathable, drapey yarn!  Plus, it's soft.  And... let's be honest.  I'm a tree hugger.  A tree hugger's favorite color is almost always green.  My gauge is slightly smaller than what the pattern calls for, but with the amount of ease provided in the pattern I'm thinking it will be okay- just a little more fitted.
Thus far, I've finished the front piece and am working on the bottom edge of the back.  If I dedicated this week to it, I could probably finish.  There are other projects that require my attention, however, so that daydream has to go on the shelf for a bit.  Just like stitching in the elastic for my Lanesplitter skirt, another knitwear project that's been collecting cobwebs.  Just because I haven't been working on things for myself, however, does not mean that all knitwear has been pushed to the side.  Part of that time has been dedicated to finalizing some original patterns that will hopefully be released in a few weeks!  Linger nearby, my dear knitters.  More on this soon.