The urge arose in me a few nights ago to create some out of focus images of the lights on my Christmas tree.  Simple enough, but I love the halos of color, large circles of light in various hues that remind me of the image you see when you squeeze your eyes shut after looking directly at something that was just a little too bright.  I love getting wrapped up in the holiday traditions that have been stacked upon my nostalgic sense of holding on to happy memories, but a fact of life:  In the thick of it things get busy and stress builds up and it's easy to drone on through your days when it's dark by the time you get home from work and it's too cold to go for a run and all you want to do is eat massive amounts of comfort food and lay on the couch.  That's December in a nutshell, for me.  I guess what I'm saying here is look at those halos!  One of my number one goals in life is to notice the details... Not to get lost in them, per se, but to notice and to see something within you spark from it.  As we have seen demonstrated in events of violence or in friends that are hurting or even our impatience in where our lives are taking us, life is just too short not to.  Happy Holidays, friends, and take the time to be present and feel gratitude.