On My Needles || Palladio

This is the first time I have knitted something other than an accessory with an "art yarn", if you would call Berroco Captiva that.  I've seen the booklet that this pattern was published in a million times at LYS and every time I am enamored by the garments and consider buying it... but don't... and then by the time I visit again I've forgotten and the same thing happens all over again.  This time I remembered though!  And I knew that I just had to buy it - there are 3 or 4 items that I would love to make from it and if that's not justification enough... I don't know what is.
The pattern is called Palladio, and it is by Amanda Keep.  This pattern is part of the Berroco Captiva #318.  I love the yarn so far - it's very shiny and elegant looking, with wonderful drape.  I chose a sea foam greenish color, which suits me fine because the sheen of the yarn and the color just makes me think of mermaids for some reason - it's really pretty.  It's also a pretty quick knit, as I've only worked on it for a few short sittings and I'm about halfway done with the front side.
Another thing I'm working on is the next phase of my Decomposition series.  It's pretty fast moving, and I'm hoping to execute this one in the fairly near future.  Part of that depends on weather conditions, but I have a plan.  And it involves the phrase: "Dad, can I glue some stuff to the dead part of your Japanese maple?"  Dad, if you're reading this I'll explain when I see you this weekend...  and I'll prune the dead part after I'm done.  :)
I'm also planning for another phase....
Aaaaannnnnd there's another top secret project in the works but you'll have to wait a while to see more on that.  Partly because I want to make sure it works.  But also partly because it's awesome... and I want you to see it in its full glory rather than just bit by bit.
I know I've been posting less lately, and most of what is lacking includes posts on work that I admire by other folks, or "inspiration" posts.  I've spent more time on my projects and trying to improve the ol' blog, so I guess you could say I've been more inspired by what I'm doing lately as opposed to outside influences.  That seems like a good thing, don't you think?  I won't completely discontinue the inspiration posts, but hope to incorporate some more original content as I develop ideas.  Thanks for reading, and I will leave you with the only Halloween decoration that is currently in my house.  October is almost here!