Texture || City Stripes

While in Kansas City we checked out the Performing Arts Center and some of the art around the Grand Ballroom.  I couldn't help but be impressed by the combination of textures between these beautifully designed buildings along with the artwork on display around them.  The sculptures below were done by Jun Kaneko, an artist out of Nebraska that J is a fan of. From the City of Kansas City's press release about the project:

"The courtyard's surface is designed to represent flowing water, referencing the building's aquatic motif. To achieve this, the artist produced a design that incorporates tinted concrete to create a banded pattern that is mirrored in the head-shaped sculptures."
It was interesting to look across the courtyard and see the same banding pattern in the architecture of the  performing arts center across the way.  It doesn't tie into this textures post, but I wish I had gotten some photos of the landscaping surrounding the PAC.  In addition to trees and prairie grasses on one side, the parking garage was also designed with a green roof.