Off the Needles || Urbanite Garland

Fairly often, I will look through my stash baskets and fawn over the gorgeous single skeins I bought just for the satisfaction of having yarn so beautiful, or perhaps for another project that lost steam long ago and never regained its momentum.  I have a few skeins of Berroco Seduce for reasons closely related to the latter - I need to revise a pattern but can't manage to sit down and just do it, so there they lie. The other day my eyes set on one skein of Seduce in particular that was a rich, copper color (one of my favorite colors) and I suddenly had a brilliant idea on how to use it.  I sat down, started knitting and jotting down pattern notes and behold--  a few days later I have this headband that I am absolutely in love with.

It reminds me of a number of things: the "Roaring Twenties" flapper hair pieces, a bohemian clover garland, an 80's sweat band (let's forget about that one), and the ever modern hipster headband that rivals the fedora in every way.  So, hence comes the name, "Urbanite Garland", a combination of those things... a little bit boho and a little bit glam.  a little bit hip and a little bit... functional?  (damn those 80's)

I'm planning to get the pattern typed up to share here and on Ravelry (for free!), but in the meantime here are some photos of the finished product.  I knitted some small twists into the main fabric, which only show up when you look very closely because of how ornate the yarn is.  I like how subtle they are though.  The thin strip on the back of the head is also cabled into a series of twists.  This might be a great pattern for a stylish work out headband too if you knit it up in some organic cotton.. I intend to experiment a little bit with a few different yarns, so I'll post about how it goes!