March 30, 2014

About This Project

Composed of three fiber installations of different species of fungi placed throughout the trail system of Martin Park Nature Center, “Niche” was my first opportunity to create installations that remained outdoors for an extended period of time. Executed within view of the trail, each small-scale installation exhibited the subtlety and inconspicuousness of real fungi, while standing out plainly to the keen observer. An awareness of the presence of the artwork throughout the park served as a catalyst to bring the attention of visitors to the phenology and stages of growth of the various plants and other organisms residing there. It encouraged engagement and contemplation of the ecosystems within the park as visitors noticed the installations, hopefully with the end result of helping them to cultivate a stronger connection to nature.
“Niche” invited its viewers to closely inspect the seemingly mundane elements found right outside their doors through a fiber art medium.

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