20 Feb 3 Photos Per Hour Project

[gallery size="medium" ids="2711,2712,2713,2714,2715,2716,2717,2718,2719,2720,2721,2722,2723,2724,2725,2726,2727,2728,2729,2730,2731,2732,2733,2734,2735,2736,2737,2738,2739,2740,2741,2742,2743,2744,2745,2746,2747,2748,2749,2750,2751,2752,2753,2754,2755,2756,2757,2758,2759,2760,2761,2762,2763,2764,2765,2766"] that's it!  this is the complete documentation (every 20 min) of last saturday, february 13th, 2010.  i will say that this project resulted in a most productive and fulfilling day.  i am disappointed that many of my shots did not turn out how...

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